Coaching and Facilitator Services for Boulder and beyond

Corporate Culture

Assessments and Change Management

Culture Audits

Culture and strategy alignment 

Culture Change Plans

Recruitment and climate strategies for women, minorities and older employees

Leveraging culture for employee engagement, sales and donor relations

Executive Coaching

Sounding board, troubleshooting and personal development

Executive Team building for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

New Exec. team member onboarding 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Culture compatibility assessments

Successful cultural integration

Growth strategy and tactics for businesses and non profits

Facilitator Strategy and Planning:

Facilitator and Executive Coach in Boulder and Denver for strategic planning, key meetings and retreats 

Market structure and trends 

Competitive analysis

Interviews/Focus Groups

Phasing and priorities

Marketing and PR

Communications audits - print, digital, PR and social

Persona development

Content and Messaging strategy

Multi-channel digital marketing, PR and social media

Spokesperson/media liaison

Strategic Partnerships

Partner criteria and research

Securing and managing partnerships

Client/donor relations and development:

Cultivation and stewardship

CRM/Donor software

Lead research/door opening

Email list/social media growth

Conference speaking and PR

Design/Agency briefing and liaison

Grant and award applications

Grant disbursement/ cause marketing

Special Projects and Communications

Project strategy and planning:

Potential, synergy & feasibility

Ranking/opportunity costs

Scoping: milestones, resources, dependencies, critical paths

Project management software 

Project implementation

Costs & resources

Idea development

Research: interviews, surveys, focus groups

Marketing collateral/copywriting

Evaluation - P&L's, ROI, Analytics