Fab Value

Consultancy shouldn't have to break the bank

Consultancy can be a scary word. Lawyers and accountants and big firm management consultants, oh my!

Fabculture is not like that. Because we've worked with many small and medium sized firms, start ups and non profits - and it's a key part of our culture to keep helping such organizations - we price realistically and on a sliding scale relative to your enterprise's size and  resources. 

Our aim is to offer better value  than a comparably experienced consultant or employee. 

It's better for both of us to develop a longer term relationship, so we offer better value on a monthly retainer than a single fixed project basis. 

We also understand we need to prove our value, so we offer  introductory rates on the first month of any retainer. 

How can I tell if fabculture is the right fit for my organization?

To help you decide,  we offer an in-person or Skype consultation with founder Liza Purvis followed by a custom project analysis and scoping - all before we sign an agreement or any money at all changes hands.

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The idea is for our working arrangements to fit within your budget and time availability and be totally flexible to your needs. Hopefully, that sounds fab to you! 

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